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Summer 2017

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Conversational Book Piece: Bend, I do. Broken, I don't.

I'm so proud of my 2nd book! Enjoy!

This conversational book piece is a source for self-realization; a guide for your life's journey. It is so important to know what you want, who you are and what you stand for at all times.

Editor's Choice Winner!

Throwback Thursday - Editor's Choice Winner! 

Adventure Awaits!

I'm always ready for an adventure!

It's About You

What makes you happy? Seriously, what makes you happy?

Do that.

Satisfy your soul. Enjoy your peace. Enjoy yourself.

If that means you spend money to buy that cup of iced tea with whipped cream on top, if you eat a nice bowl of the finest ice cream, sit in a park and just absorb nature's beauty or buy that shirt you've been eyeing for 2 months, DO IT!