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Editor's Choice - Black Ink Contest - Anagram Story

I love writing. I can write short stories, books, poetry, tv scripts and more. Writing is about creativity. Writing is allowing yourself to write freely. To write all of the words that come to mind and create a story using those words is the very definition of creativity.

Editor's Choice
Editor’s Choice  - "Traditionally Untraditional" by Stephanie Gilzene

Sesame Street and Autism!

Sesame Street and Autism!

One could say "It's about time". I say, "At least she is here now".

With yellow skin, orange hair and green eyes, Julia is the symbol of change. For parents of autistic children and supporters of autistic families, Julia is a relief. Julia is a reminder that autistic children are not forgotten. I have a friend that has an autistic son. She always tells me how hard it is for her to explain to others what autism is and how they can help when they see a meltdown in public.

Julia will be an awesome change to the classroom, helping students to understand what the word "unique" and "different" mean. It will also be a delightful addition for adult conversations where adults can help to encourage and educate each other.

By all means, we are all unique.

Author's Corner

Writing is awesome. Being able to be in control of what I write and how it's published is a great feeling. 
Being a published author requires work. It takes more than just talent to succeed. It takes hard work. Hard work means persistence: to keep moving forward. If you have a book that you want to write, write a few pages to your book every day or at least once a month. You'd be surprised at how much the pages will add up. For the poets out there, write a poem everyday! You can do it. That quiet time that you have when you get home and are clearing your head, get a piece of scrap paper and put your words to paper. 
Self-publishing or agent-seeking can begin at a later date. Stay focused on completing a manuscript.