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Editor's Choice - Black Ink Contest - Anagram Story

I love writing. I can write short stories, books, poetry, tv scripts and more. Writing is about creativity. Writing is allowing yourself to write freely. To write all of the words that come to mind and create a story using those words is the very definition of creativity.

Editor's Choice
Editor’s Choice  - "Traditionally Untraditional" by Stephanie Gilzene

Sesame Street and Autism!

Sesame Street and Autism!

One could say "It's about time". I say, "At least she is here now".

With yellow skin, orange hair and green eyes, Julia is the symbol of change. For parents of autistic children and supporters of autistic families, Julia is a relief. Julia is a reminder that autistic children are not forgotten. I have a friend that has an autistic son. She always tells me how hard it is for her to explain to others what autism is and how they can help when they see a meltdown in public.

Julia will be an awesome change to the classroom, helping students to understand what the word "unique" and "different" mean. It will also be a delightful addition for adult conversations where adults can help to encourage and educate each other.

By all means, we are all unique.

Author's Corner

Writing is awesome. Being able to be in control of what I write and how it's published is a great feeling. 
Being a published author requires work. It takes more than just talent to succeed. It takes hard work. Hard work means persistence: to keep moving forward. If you have a book that you want to write, write a few pages to your book every day or at least once a month. You'd be surprised at how much the pages will add up. For the poets out there, write a poem everyday! You can do it. That quiet time that you have when you get home and are clearing your head, get a piece of scrap paper and put your words to paper. 
Self-publishing or agent-seeking can begin at a later date. Stay focused on completing a manuscript. 

No Body Shaming Campaign

Good Morning!

I'm currently watching My Big Fat Fab Life. This is the episode where Whitney gathers a group of friends to tell their story for the No Body Shaming Campaign. It's an amazing episode. It is in this episode that you get to hear the stories of those who have misjudged based on their appearance. It's so important to remember that whenever you cross paths with anyone, they have a story to tell. Whether that story fits their physical description, acknowledge the fact that you can't decide what someone else's story will be.

I support the No Body Shaming Campaign.

We are real. We are human. This means that even with the imperfections we are still intelligent. Take the time to understand someone's story if they are willing to tell it. Don't be so quick to associate a physical appearance with a misconstrued life story. The whispers, the pointing, the stares, they all mean something. Even when you think it might be subtle, it is noticed. So yes, maybe inqu…

It's October!

It's October! As of today, there are literally 13 days left in October! Can you believe that time is flying by so fast? 
It's that time of the year where subsequently September marked the beginning of the fall season but October marks the beginning of the holiday season! The holidays are a time for decorations, family, friends and holiday food. 
Even if you aren't one to celebrate any one holiday or holidays at all, you can still enjoy the fall season. Take a walk in the park, fill your living space with beautiful scents or just enjoy a cup of hot cocoa. Appreciating October is simply appreciating one's self. Find the joy in the season's change.

New Book!

I have a new book on the way! You will absolutely love it! It's a fiction/self-realization/relationship book that will have you smiling as you read it. 
At least 1 week from today you will get to purchase it! 
I'm too excited!

Q&A Alert!

Recently I was given the wonderful opportunity to have a Q&A with DelSheree Gladden! It was really cool to be interviewed and to have my work presented to the world. 
You can read the Q&A via this link
Thank you so much to my family and friends for all of the support! I'm an ACCOMPLISHER!
A dream in action is a goal. Accomplish all of the goals that you want for yourself.
Enjoy life to the fullest, always!


Hi everyone!

It's been a long time since I've blogged!

I've been busy with life and such. However, I hope to write even more than I did last year.

It's been an amazing 2015 thus far! I've working in my promotional position as a technical assistant! I'm loving the experience and the vibes! Growth is something that MUST be experienced! I'm already thinking about what my next moves will be!

There have been so many new projects in my life since the last time I blogged.

My website has launched!

I released to the world my first copywritten book of poems!!!!!! Writing the book was amazing and I'm looking forward to having readers from all over the world read my works. My sisters provided the artwork and photography for the book. Cool experience.

I'm currently working on a 2nd book that will be a conversational non-fiction piece. I'm excited for everyone to read it!

Well, until the next time, peace, love & blessings!