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No Body Shaming Campaign

Good Morning!

I'm currently watching My Big Fat Fab Life. This is the episode where Whitney gathers a group of friends to tell their story for the No Body Shaming Campaign. It's an amazing episode. It is in this episode that you get to hear the stories of those who have misjudged based on their appearance. It's so important to remember that whenever you cross paths with anyone, they have a story to tell. Whether that story fits their physical description, acknowledge the fact that you can't decide what someone else's story will be.

I support the No Body Shaming Campaign.

We are real. We are human. This means that even with the imperfections we are still intelligent. Take the time to understand someone's story if they are willing to tell it. Don't be so quick to associate a physical appearance with a misconstrued life story. The whispers, the pointing, the stares, they all mean something. Even when you think it might be subtle, it is noticed. So yes, maybe inquiring minds do want to know, "what's wrong?" or "what happened?" Simply ASK, especially when the person that you are misjudging asks you "Do you want to know what happened?"

Let's all support the No Body Shaming Campaign.
No Body Shame Video


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