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New Ideas

Jewelry line, clothing store, supermarket, management company, music executive?

Whatever your next goal is, make sure that you do everything in your power to achieve your goals!

For the jewelry designers out there: is a great website! There are a lot of pieces here that you can buy and put together! You can very easily create an online store.

Get working people! I'm waiting to see what you're up to!

Spinach Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Yuuuuummm!!!!!! :-D
Spinach Strawberry Banana Smoothie!

Chaka Khan, Kelly Rowland & More - Superlife

Waris Dirie

So I'm watching Desert Flower and the story that is being told couldn't be any more amazing.

Yes, it is true. We ALL have a story. Yes, yes, yes, we do. From genital mutilation to forced marriage to maid, a model and then becoming an Activist, Waris Dirie always aimed to be something greater, to change her life first so that she could then help others.

No matter what the obstacles are that we face, we are strong. 
We are strong in spite of our imperfections, our weaknesses, our downfalls. 
Nothing can stop you from achieving greatness. 

Smoothie Time!

So I'm getting back to a healthy me!

I've tried a few smoothies that I've made myself. It's always best to make a smoothie yourself because it's all natural: no preservatives!

Strawberry Banana smoothie:

Cucumber Blueberry Strawberry smoothie:

Yoga It Out!

If you don't have time for rigorous exercise, yoga it out!

Your body needs to stretch. It is human nature to be flexible. Your body wants to move.

So move it!

Here are a few moves that you can do if you have the time.


If you lose the power to laugh, you lose the power to think. ~Clarence Darrow~ 
The best way to release your stress and to relax your mind, body and soul is to just laugh. Life is too short to worry about the small things that you will forget about days from now.

Move Your Feet

You will go as far in life as you allow yourself to go!

Move your feet.

Sometimes you wonder why you just missed an opportunity or why you weren't around to miss an opportunity in the first place. It's because you haven't moved your feet. Walk in the direction that you desire to go. Standing still is a sure way to not make a mistake, but it is also a sure way not to succeed. Being successful has never been accomplished by doing nothing.

Goals + Action= Moving Forward!

My Conviction

Know where you stand!

I believe in God. No one nor anything can ever take that away from me. I don't judge and I don't expect to be judged by any human.

Live your life as how you see fit, but always remember that for every decision there is a consequence.

Always know where you stand with yourself in your life.

Very True!


BE Happy

Too many times we forget to just BE happy.

We look for happiness in so many places, people, things and organized events. The truth of the matter is that you can't seek happiness. You just have to be happy. Appreciate the life that you have, the things you have, the places that you have gone and the things that you've seen. Nobody said that you'd be happy 24/7. Nobody's even said that the road through life will be without bumps.

What is happiness for me?

Happiness is loving who I am, who I've become and enjoying every moment of what this life has to offer. I'm enjoying the ride, every bit of it.

Whatever it is that you love, that puts a smile on your face when you don't even realize it, that's what it means to just BE happy.

Don't let anyone else define your happiness. Don't you ever hold yourself to anyone else's standards except yours. Aim high, achieve something always and remember to BE happy!

Jamaican Moms

So I'm on Youtube and I come across Sh*t Jamaican Moms Say! Let me tell you, this is the closest to the things my own mother used to say!!!!! LOL!

Jamaican parents have the funniest 1 liners that combine parables and threats at the same time. I love my Jamaican parents.

Ish Jamaican Moms Say

When is It Crossing the Line?

How do you handle a friend that just wants to know EVERYTHING about your man?

There's a thin line between "what's his name and does he treat you good" to "what's his middle name? He lives where again?"

Sometimes you have to teach people to mind their business. Maybe they just don't know or realize that they have oh so many questions that have absolutely nothing to do with their well-being.

A healthy relationship doesn't involve 15 people. It's called a relationship: relations between 2 people.



We all have them. Every year we meet new people but if we're really close to our "old" friends, we tend to think that we have this secure circle.

The "circle". Yes, we all have a circle, triangle, oval, or whatever the case may be that represents how much we actually trust others.

But, let's not call this a circle. Let's just call the people that we trust the most, our loved ones.

Always remember that your friendships should never weigh you down, make you doubt yourself, or be filled with people that know what's better for you more than you do at all times in your life.

Celebrate each other: regardless if you have a few or many, it should ALWAYS be a great time when you get together!


Asters represent Patience. A blooming flower whose original name means star because of its shape: it is most definitely elegant.

If you want to remind someone about patience or if you want to practice it yourself, first take a deep breath. Understand that everything happens for a reason. Every season has its reason for your life. Enjoy the moment that you are experiencing because every moment becomes a memory.

Patience. Understand it, practice it, just live it.


Hey You! 
Yea, you! 
What have you done today? 
No really, what have you done today? 
Time waits for no one. 
Get to it!

Lovely Day

Today is a beautiful day that's meant to be enjoyed!

It's International Women's Day too! So there's even more of a reason to celebrate!

Put on your sunglasses and soak up the fun today!


Happy Women's Day!

New Business, New Start-Up?

Get the ball rolling!

Did you make your business plan yet?

Before you do anything, outline a business plan for yourself!

You can't figure out how to get where you're going if you don't know what it's going to take to get there.

Need help? Just ask!

The Face of Me

The Face of Me
She whispered in my ear, "So you think you can do it?" 
I said right back to her, "Yes, yes I can". 
See doubt tried to have a conversation with me. The only problem is she spoke to the  faith in me. She didn't get to see the face of me. 
The endurance in me preserved the strength in me.
Now that, that's the face of me.



You always have a choice. 
What do you want to do?

Watch Me

Always Remember

Just a Thought

So because somebody told you that you couldn't do it, you just gave in? 
You just let go of your dreams like that huh. 
There is nothing too hard and too far that you can't reach out to grab it.
You want to be happy? 
You want to feel as if you've really accomplished something? 
Then do what it is that you know your life requires of you in order for you to enjoy it.
Prepare the world for your legacy.

Truly Inspirational- Beverly Kearney

"When people ask me how I have succeeded in spite of my obstacles? I tell them I don't have a choice. My hero is my history. And my history is a legacy of people who have triumphed over tragedy; who have succeeded in spite of tragedy. Therefore failure is not an option. There's not an obstacle available that doesn't have an opportunity proceeding it." ~Beverly Kearney~

Go Forward






Always Go Forward.

It doesn't matter how you do it or how long it takes you to do it. Just do it. Always go in the direction of your goals. The universe has no choice but to let you. What's inside of you is so much greater than you think. When you feel as if everything and anything is holding you down, holding you back, always remember that no one else can achieve your goals for you.


I'm so happy. Grateful is an even better word.

I'm grateful to have close friends and close family that support me in any and everything that I do.

I'm grateful to have someone so close to me that if there's anything that I needed to talk about they are there.

Grateful is a great word to describe what I'm feeling right now.