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BE Happy

Too many times we forget to just BE happy.

We look for happiness in so many places, people, things and organized events. The truth of the matter is that you can't seek happiness. You just have to be happy. Appreciate the life that you have, the things you have, the places that you have gone and the things that you've seen. Nobody said that you'd be happy 24/7. Nobody's even said that the road through life will be without bumps.

What is happiness for me?

Happiness is loving who I am, who I've become and enjoying every moment of what this life has to offer. I'm enjoying the ride, every bit of it.

Whatever it is that you love, that puts a smile on your face when you don't even realize it, that's what it means to just BE happy.

Don't let anyone else define your happiness. Don't you ever hold yourself to anyone else's standards except yours. Aim high, achieve something always and remember to BE happy!


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