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Live fearlessly!

No one can climb the mountains that you can.

Running or walking, still you're living!

Let nothing stop you: not past regrets, not fear, and not even the fear of the failure.


Be Bold

You're even stronger than you think you are.

There are a few days where we think that we've could have made a better choice or not have given in to a bad habit.

The truth is that we all fall a few times a day. This doesn't make us weak. It makes us human. We each have a unique journey.

Pave your path.

Be stronger than even you think you are. Be bold.

My hero is my history. ~Beverly Kearney~

Lesson on Life


Everyday a tree grows an inch, a flower becomes more beautiful than the day before and
a new leaf turns over. We all have struggles. How we overcome them is what makes us
even more unique. Our capability to understand what life means to each and every one of
us is what determines how worthwhile the ride will be. Never give up on yourself. Never
give up on others. Most importantly, never give up on your goals that you have set for
yourself. Sometimes, you need a little push, a little nudge to keep going. When that
happens, stop, look around you and remember to be grateful for what you have.
Remember that to get where you are going you will need to climb mountains, travel
through valleys, run from rolling stones, and pick yourself up when you might trip every
once in a while. The journey is worth it. You can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel if
you are not moving at all.


There's Enough Room!

There's enough room for everyone to be successful.

Success is the ability to achieve your goals against all odds.

Perseverance is the key. How long are you willing to do what you have to do.

We all have goals. We all have our idea of what it takes to achieve our goals.

Be confidently confident in your confidence! *Trying saying that 3 times ha!*


Move Forward!

So everyday we tell ourselves that we're making moves, nothing's gonna stop us, and etc....

But the truth is, are we really making moves? Are we really letting nothing stop us?

As quick as you can sit down be just as quick getting up!

No one is going to walk with you hand in hand to your pit stops.

Do you really want change?

STOP reacting to life's circumstances and BE proactive about where you're going!


So this had to be at least 2 years ago that we celebrated my little sister's bday. 
We decided to try some sushi right? Or so we thought. lol. 
We ended up trying the sushi and she came up with the idea to just fry the little pieces of raw fish. It was delicioso let me tell you! 
Fried fish on the left, Sushi on the right

This was real good. Try some different foods, you might be surprised at what you like. 
Who wants to eat the same ol', same ol' all the time. Spice it up!


Life is like a variety of choices. It's up to you to decide what is better together or separate.

Choices, we all make them, and we all have to live with the consequences.

Hhhhhmmmm, here's an even better picture of a choice that I made to have of something all together! lol :-D

A Beautiful Day!

So today I'm trying to get a few things accomplished!

Today is the best day to make a move towards your goal. Tomorrow isn't guaranteed and the rest of the day isn't either. Make every move from here on out with your best intentions at heart.

Support Our Own!

Soooo let me give a very quick shout out to my girl Jerther who is most definitely holding her blog down!

A very educated, lovely, strong black woman who is taking her life & business to the next level!

Always remember to support your own.

Check it out! You'll love what you see ;-D

FREEDOMBLOGGER "Remember your story is important too." - JG

Making Moves!

Making moves! 
I've been working out! 
Now, if I can just get the spinach that is needed to make my lovely spinach smoothies! 
Mmmmmmmm......*sounds nice doesn't it* 
A few nights ago I made a Banana & Blueberry smoothie and I really should have taken a picture for you guys to see! 
Ingredients:  1 whole banana 8 cubes of ice 2 handfuls of blueberries 1 cup of apple juice
Amazing! :-D
Try it, you just might love it!

It's a beautiful day!

It's another beautiful day!

I couldn't be any happier! I got a great call this morning about a job that I thought I wasn't even going to be considered for. Well, time to gear up for some more surprises!

When you let your mind ease you provide room for the excitements to come!

Loving, laughing, and living each day as they come! :-D

Life's Accomplishments

So I just recently celebrated my 25th birthday!!!!!!

I'm too excited! I'm at a place in life where I know where I want to be, I know the direction that I want take with these feet of mine! Thank God for another year!

I've been blessed with accomplishments. But even with accomplishments I feel like there is so much more that I want to achieve!

I've done well.

Live life well. It's yours, to live, love and accomplish. ~S.G.~

Talk To Me/I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaack!

What's going on everybody? I'm back!

So the last time I wrote a blog I accidentally deleted my ENTIRE blog by mistake! OMG!

I couldn't bother writing another one.

But as I'm in the transition of jobs right now I figured, well, I might as well BLOG!

Well, to my fellow bloggers aaaaand lovers of life! I'm Back! :-D All Smiles!