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We all have them. Every year we meet new people but if we're really close to our "old" friends, we tend to think that we have this secure circle.

The "circle". Yes, we all have a circle, triangle, oval, or whatever the case may be that represents how much we actually trust others.

But, let's not call this a circle. Let's just call the people that we trust the most, our loved ones.

Always remember that your friendships should never weigh you down, make you doubt yourself, or be filled with people that know what's better for you more than you do at all times in your life.

Celebrate each other: regardless if you have a few or many, it should ALWAYS be a great time when you get together!


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We all have our days when we sit back and daydream about what we might be doing right now if we weren't doing what we are currently doing.

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