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Dr. Benjamin Carson

Strength is.....

Dr. Benjamin Solomon "Ben" Carson Sr. 
One of THE top Neurosurgeons in the world

So skilled at his craft, Dr. Benjamin Carson is the first man to separated conjoined Siamese twins even while dealing with racial discrimination from the very parents of the twins. Coming from a very complex and troubled childhood Dr. Benjamin Carson had a mother that would encourage him everyday to read more and more. Who would've known that at the age of 33 Dr. Benjamin Carson would earn his position as the Director of Pediatric NeuroSurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital. 

One day as a young girl I read the Time Magazine. It was a hard cover book collection that my father brought home. I read this book from cover to cover. When I read the story of Dr. Benjamin Carson I then went on to read his auto biography. He is one of the reasons why I was determined to go to college. After reading his story I knew that if he could do it, then I definitely could do it too. I too could become an inspiration to others that needed someone to look up to. 

While we are celebrating Black History Month it is important to look at those that have blazed a trail and Dr. Benjamin Carson is a prime example of what strength is and what it should mean for all of us.


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